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Our trip to Finland was absolutely superb! Helsinki was great; we enjoyed walking around, snapping photos, and attempting to decipher the Finnish language. Our team was such a blast and added so much to our trip. We knew none of the skaters going into the competition but felt we left having made some great friends. To top it all off, every minute on the ice was incredible. We were so pleased with our performance and quite honored to be on the ice with such accomplished skaters from around the globe. We managed to squeeze in a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia and a spontaneous half-day trip to the beautiful and historic Tallin, Estonia (one can never have too many stamps in the passport!) Though we have had so many incredible competitive experiences, the Finlandia Trophy may possibly be one of our favorites.

This is how we would like to finish our career together. We are very proud of what we have accomplished in the past five years. From the North American Challenge in our first season, to our Grand Prix experience at the NHK Trophy last year, it has been such an honor to represent our country and be given the opportunity to see so much of the world together.

Thank you very much to all who have offered us so much support. Throughout our skating we have been continuously blessed with people who have gone out of their way to show us both love and encouragement. For this we are infinitely grateful. It cannot go without saying how thankful we are for each other also. We know that all we have been able to do these past five years, both on the ice and off, would never have been possible without one another.

We will miss the opportunity to perform at Nationals this season, but know deep in our hearts that we have made the proper decision. We wish all the competitors best of luck and will be rooting for everyone from afar.









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