January 26, 2003
We want to thank everybody who offered their support to us. We have been inundated with emails and advice and we will definatley consider the many words of wisdom we have been offered. One further caveat, by no means were we attempting to belittle, discredit, or hurt anybody's feelings - we just wanted to speak from our own hearts in response to the many inquiries we were receiving about the future of our partnership. Now, we need to just rest our bodies as well as our thoughts, for as you know, Nationals was an emotional time for us and we hope to settle our feelings about everything soon.

We are so lucky to be in New York City at this time of the year. The city is so beautiful, albeit cold, and the skaters come out of the woodwork to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor rinks in Manhattan. Last week we were asked to skate during an airing of 'Good Morning America' on the Boat Pond in Central Park. Apparently, its been quite a while since the weather got so low that people have been able to skate on it. We had so much fun skating on the pond and attempted part of our Original Dance. It was tricky - dodging the fallen leaves and the "I Love New York" shopping bag that was implanted within the ice! We could also use a good sharpening now.

On Saturday we performed our free dance at two exhibitions in Central Park as part of the New York City Winter Festival. Our first exhibition was in the Wollman Rink and the other one was in the Lasker Rink. Both events went well. In between our performances we fed the Central Park ducks and swans.

One last thought, wearing our costumes in that weather is something we will never forget!

Thanks for all the support you have shown us,
Kimberly & Robert



Dec 4, 2002

We had the most amazing time in Kyoto, Japan competing at the NHK Trophy, our first ever Senior Grand Prix event. Although we only had one week's notice to compete, both Kim and I felt ready since we had just trained for Pacific Coasts in Salt Lake City.

First off, it was amazing starting the competition - because throughout each phase, compulsories, OD, and Free Dance, the arena was packed to the ceiling. We skated first in compulsories, something we are quite used to - and after we skated the Tango Romantica it took something like 15 minutes for our marks to come up on the screen. Kim, Inese, and I were having fun, though, being on the Jumbo Tron for so long - we attempted to start a wave and got the audience clapping. The next days OD was equally as exciting and we were so pleased with how we skated, it was our best OD performance all year! On Saturday we finished with our Free dance. We were lucky to be in the second warm up group. It was so much fun out there performing our program for a packed audience. Once again, we were so happy with how we skated and the audience was very warm and receptive. Many fans threw flowers and Japanese toys for us.

After we skated, Kim and I felt like stars in the stands. So many people rushed for our autographs that we felt like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears - definitely a cool experience. So many people took our photos too - it was convenient for them since their cell phones had little lenses in them and were also digital cameras! The electronics there were simply awesome.

It was so cool being on the ice with such amazing skaters at our first Grand Prix. I think we learned a lot just watching the way the top teams in the world carry themselves, fly on the ice, and perform! Also, our US Team there was just great. Scott Cormier, our team leader was so encouraging and motivating - it couldn't have been a better experience for us.
Now, we are back to reality and training hard for Nationals.

We both have finals next week and then we go to be the guest stars in a Holiday show in San Francisco. Please look out for our Free dance on Lifetime TV on Dec. 15 at 10 AM!!!

Talk to you soon.
Kim & Rob

Nov 16, 2002

Kim and I are having a good time out at our Sectional Championships in Salt Lake City. So far we are 1st after the OD - but the bigger news is
that we were assigned to the NHK Trophy in Kyoto, Japan! More info is coming soon!

Have a great day.

July 14, 2002

We have received notice from the US Figure Skating Association, that we have been awarded an international assignment. We received the Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf, Germany, September 4 - 7th.

We are very happy and excited!

Take care,
Kim & Rob


July 2, 2002

In May, we performed in "There is a Season" in Santa Rosa, CA. We had such a wonderful time. All the skaters, parents, coaches and club members were so nice. Thanks to everyone!

Currently we are working on our new programs for this upcoming season. Natalia Bestemianova has been working with us on our new freedance. She is great to work with and we are very excited about our new program!

Thanks for all your support throughout the past seasons. Have a great summer and happy July 4th!

Kim & Rob


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