Kimberly Navarro
Robert Shmalo



Place of Birth:

Santa Rosa, California

Cincinnati, Ohio

Date of Birth:

April 26, 1981
November 2, 1977



Home Club:

Santa Rosa FSC

Queen City FSC
Training Town: Monsey, N.Y.


Coach: Inese Bucevica


Inese Bucevica





Favorites: Kim Rob
Color: Purple Red
Number: 26 275
Animal: Dolphin Pug (In honor of my pug, Daisy)
Food: Sushi Candied Yams
Movie: Happy Texas Life Is Beautiful / Ghost
T.V. Show: Who's Line is it anyways Will and Grace, Sex in the City
Kind of Music: R&B/Soul R&B, Techno, Classical
Musician: Marvin Gaye, Gwen Stefani Prince, Patti LaBelle, DJ Dmitri
Actor: William Macy Tim Curry
Actress: Audrey Hepburn Jessica Tandy
Book: Pride and Prejudice Catcher in the Rye
Author: Jane Austen  
Game: Card Games Twister
Sport: Skating and in-line skating Ice Dancing
Skater: Robin Cousins Bestmianova and Bukin, Robin Cousins, Klimova and Ponomarenko


Original Dance TBA

Free Dance

Exhibition/Gala TBA
Original Dance March & Waltz
Free Dance Tumbaby Angelique Kidijo
Summertimeby Angelique Kidijo
Adouma by Angelique Kidijo


Greatest Achievement

Skating - Earning my gold medals in freestyle and dance, as well as passing all my dances (solo) and passing all my moves in the field tests. It was also an honor to be named Olympic and World alternates this past season.
Non-Skating - Moving to New York City all by myself and finding my place in
this crazy world! Attending Columbia University has been a great achievement.

Skating - One of My greatest achievements, thus far, has been attaining five gold medals for succesfully completing the test requirements in Figures, Moves, Dance, Free Dance, and Freestyle. I also cherish the National Medals I received while competing in Compulosry Figures. Being named as an alternate with Kim for the Olympics was also very exciting.
Non Skating - Graduating From NYU and maintaing a full-time Law School schedule.

Future Goals

Skating - Competing in more international competitions. Being involved in the sport of skating for as long as I can.
Non-Skating - graduate from Columbia University (with a degree in English, and a minor in dance)

Skating - I hope to have the oppurtunity to compete in more International Competitions and get to meet more skaters with similar aspirations from other countries.
Non Skating - I plan on graduating from law school in a year and I hope to pursue a career in Real Estate Law or Litigation.


We would like to thank the following people for all their help with our achievements: Natalia Bestemianova, Judy Blumberg, Linda Comberger, Peter Dalby, Janna Magalias, Kaho Koinuma, Paul Spruell, Alexandra Szita-DeGroot, Beata Handra and Charles Sinek



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